Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wasting time.

Was meant to be drawing something else but I was at a lecture by Brenda Chapman yesterday and something she was talking about made me want to draw a lady based on a swan. An idea that's been done but too often with long hair and generally giving some delicate, whispy sort of impression. I hate that so here's my version. I dunno about you but in my experience swans are badass and kind of scary. If you've got some bread, you better hand that shit over bro.


  1. I was at the same lecture :D
    I was thinking when I was looking at Brendas designs that it would be cool if the swan had short hair because swans have those tiny round heads.And you put focus on the chest/ shoulder area where swans are poofy- I really love your version !

    Those lectures are awesome for inspiration - I cant wait for the next one : )

  2. Thanks Ruth!

    I'm looking forward to Monday's too. It was amazing. I drew more (for myself) than I have in months.

  3. Yeah swans as delicate and fragile does not compute... I think Natalie Portman got the right degree of intesity and violence down when she did black swan! Great characterrrr