Monday, May 31, 2010

02 Those dolls in the underground...

Vivi, Final Fantasy IX.

Picture:Hm. Not quite how I wanted it.
Comment:Hands down my favourite character in all of FF. The scene with the mages falling off the airship broke my heart :'S

 Edit:  extra Vivi because I was pretty exhausted when I drew the other one last night and because he's special.

01 A bear, you say.

It's difficult to capture personified madness that is Nango-sempai. Most of my attempts to draw him end up as a page of frenzied scribbles. He's way OTT and the whole show (Delicious Gakuin) is completely retarded but it kind of works for me and he's remained one of my favourite characters ever.

Oh yeah btw, jumping on the band wagon and going to try drawing twenty of my favourite characters from tv/game/other pop culture mediums.

Monday, May 10, 2010